GroundGraphics, Inc.

                                             Advertising From the Ground Up

Get Your Product Noticed...Advertise 'from the ground up'.

When we walk, we all look down to see where we're stepping and to see what's in our path. However, this space is also one of the most under-utilized spaces for advertising. 

Now, you can put your message right under your customers feet and directly in their line of sight. Brand, promote and advertise what you want, where you want, for as long as you want with our innovative floor graphics called GroundGraphics.

GroundGraphics are robust, durable graphics that can be installed on the floor or ground as an ideal advertising tool for retail store, trade show, or for any public venue promotions to help you:

•Utilize ALL of the valuable advertising space at your point of purchase locations (from floors to walls to countertops!)

•Develop brand recognition

Capture your customers attention and lead them directly to your product

Communicate special offers and promotions

•Drive increased sales and revenues through an impactful, powerful graphic and message

​ GroundGraphics floor graphics can be quickly and easily installed on any surface including:
​ •Carpet (thick or thin pile) •Wood •Tile •Concrete •Asphalt •Multi-surfaces (i.e. spanning both tile and concrete, etc.) •Counter tops •Windows, glass doors or any glass surfaces •Mirrors •Ceilings and more
GroundGraphics can be placed on virtually any surface, for any application.